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This song represents the underlying theme to all of Grandpa Steve’s songs. I wrote this song to help promote awareness of the importance of being happy, and the belief that we all have the power to create our own happiness. A lot of what makes people happy or unhappy is not what happens to them, but rather how they choose to think about what happens to them.

In this song, I also wanted to incorporate something about bullying in a way that a young child could understand. For teachers, this can be a segue to talking about bullying, how children can respond to bullying and how the schools can help. **

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Lyrics for Let Yourself Be Happy

Let Yourself Be Happy by Stephen W. Sisson, Ph.D.

Did you ever have a day that didn’t go just right?
Your friends ignore you or you have a big fight.
And everything you try to do just seems to go wrong,
like singing flat on your favorite song.
Well if you think that Life’s not treating you right,
don’t go pushing others round looking for a fight.
Search within you’ll find the answer there.
It’s got to do with what you tell yourself!

Hey, let you let yourself be happy.
Don’t’ let your own thoughts get you down.
Go make a choice to be happy.
Go wear a smile and lose that frown.
Hey, let yourself be happy.
Don’t let those others get you blue.
Go make a choice to be happy.
You know it’s up to you!

A big old spider stole a little spider’s web.
“Get out of here or I’ll kick you in the head!”
The little spider didn’t want to get in a fight.
“All for this web, I won’t lose my life.”
So, he walked away and then I heard him say,
“I’ll weave another web and I’ll weave it today.
I felt so good I didn’t have to fight.
I proved to myself, I could do it right.”


Life can be complicated that’s for sure.
Sometimes you got problems and just no cures.
How you choose to think about what happens to you,
It can make you strong, or it can make you blue.
There’s power in your thoughts they shape your life.
What you think and what you get, go together tight.
Search within you’ll find the answer there.
It’s got to do with what you tell yourself.


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Let Yourself Be Happy


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