GrandPa Steve’s Kids


As Grandpa Steve, my goal is to share my ideas and music with the world, to give parents resources to nurture positive self-esteem in their children, and to help children feel good about themselves and good about their lives. I truly believe that if enough people felt good about themselves and their lives, then we would have a better world.


1. Antonio Romantico

2. Happy and Bright

3. Lyla

4. Bee Positive *

5. Hopeful Lullabye

6. Tyler

7. Keep Love in Your Heart

8. It’s Alright

9. Sweet Memories *

10. Let Yourself Be Happy

11. Where’s Your Smile

12. The More You Give, The More You Get

13. Shoop Dop-A-Day
(Bonus Track!)

* Personalized Tracks

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  1. Cynthia R

    Grandpa Steve’s Kids is a delightful, thoughtful group of songs with a sing-along urge and simple messages promoting kindness and self-worth. “Sailing along you’re living your song” is from song # 2 and encourages children of all ages to trust yourself and speaks to our society today of the harmony of all mankind. Songs say to children “let yourself be positive” (#4), while giving hope that “tomorrow will brings some joy to you (#5), “let yourself be happy” (#10) and the catchy, fun “Where’s Your Smile” (#11). My favorite for melody and simple words that stayed in my head is “Lyla” (#3). But #9, “Sweet Memories” really touched me and made me tear-up, being about allowing yourself to experience those sweet memories of the past and relive them in your mind again.

    Cynthia R. (Tucson)

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