Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Teachers – Grandpa Steve’s Kids Music and Lesson Plans

Grandpa Steve has  created a number of lesson plans to go with our songs.  As an educator, it’s very important to me to provide opportunities for enjoyment and growth beyond the music itself. If you have created lesson plans to match the songs as well, please send them to me at, info@grandpasteveskids.com,  and I will be happy to include them on this resource page (with your name on the lesson plan).

The most current lesson plans are in video form on YouTube.

The following pages contain written lesson plans that have been developed by teachers.

Grandpa Steve’s Kids also has a YouTube channel with all of the videos, music, and including some with lesson plans.  You can access those videos: (4) Grandpa Steve’s Kids – YouTube

LESSON PLAN – Let Yourself Be Happy

LESSON PLAN – Where’s Your Smile

LESSON PLAN – Antonio Romantico