How To Use the Positive Messages from Our Songs – Part 2 Tools and Ideas

Here are some tools and ideas on positive messaging and how you can use Grandpa Steve’s Kids music to help you “sail” your child in a positive direction. 

 1.    The first thing we recommend is to educate yourself on the positive messages in the songs. 

      a.    Listen to the music

      b.    Read the song lyrics. 

      c.    Become familiar with the messages.

      d.    This will get you thinking about the positive messages and the importance of good self-esteem.

2.    Listen to and sing the songs with your child.  For example, the song, Hopeful Lullaby, is a great bedtime message and it can be empowering to you and your child.

3.    Discuss the messages and what they mean, as soon as your child’s language skills develop.  This is when your child can begin to fully understand the messages in the songs.

4.    Play the songs often. The repetition can help solidify positive messages for your child. 

5.    Have you heard of the “Increase Rule” by Gary Emery (How The Brain Works)? It is: “When you’re feeling stressed, what is the one step you can always take to feel better?   Answer: “Switch your thoughts off of yourself and on to the outside world.”  Grandpa Steve’s songs can help you with the “Increase Rule.”

6.    Grandpa Steve’s songs can also help create a more positive mood for parents and children alike.  It’s hard to stay upset or mad, when you’re listening to the music.  As parents, we all have challenging situations.  So, when times get tough in parenting or you find yourself overwrought with noisy kids and little patience, put on a Grandpa Steve’s tune for you and your child.  You will find yourself in a more positive place.

7.    Songs also help parents and others talk about emotions with a child.  How the child feels, and how the parent feels. You can use these songs to help talk with your kids.  The more parents listen to their child’s feelings, the more valued the child feels.

8.    Love is a key ingredient in the recipe of nurturing positive self-esteem in yourself and your child.  Grandpa Steve’s songs focus on love.  By singing the songs with your child and utilizing the tools above, you may find yourself thinking and talking more about love. 

9.    You might try a personalized song for your child that may strengthen the message of the song.  For example, the song, “Lyla,” can be personalized and talks a lot about love.

Stay tuned for Part 3, coming soon.