Grandpa Steve Goes to School – October 1, 2018

Last year, I began visiting classrooms at Gallego Primary School in Sunnyside School District.  This week, I had a great time performing songs for five different First grade classes at Gallego. The children really enjoyed the new “ZIG ZAG HAPPY WIGGLE DANCE” song that I introduced today.  They were having fun moving and dancing to the beat. The essence of this song is to provide a lively musical dance beat and let the children create their own dance steps to the music. This lets the music take the children to a place that feels good for them, and it helps direct dance moves.  All of  the teachers agreed to provide opportunities for the students to practice their own dance interpretation for this song. I am looking forward to seeing all the innovative moves the children have created at my next school visit. 

The second song today was, “WHERE’S YOUR SMILE?”  We talked about the power of smiling.  And, how research has demonstrated that by putting a smile on our face, we can help ourselves feel better on the inside. This really helps when we are feeling down or blue.  So, by just smiling, we can feel better and happier. I encouraged the students to try an experiment this week: When you see someone on the playground who looks a little sad or down, go up to them and smile and say, “Hello.”  Most of the time, the other person will smile back at you.  So just by smiling, we can help ourselves feel better.  In addition, when the other person smiles back at you, then you are helping them to feel better about themselves. Smiling is not only powerful, it is also magical. Imagine, being able to help someone feel better, just by smiling at them.  Smile often! YOU’VE GOT A BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL SMILE!

For Educators in in the Greater Tucson area, please feel free to contact me.  I would be happy to come to your class to sing and present to you and your Primary school children.


Click to play the Zig Zag Happy Wiggle Dance

Click to play Where’s Your Smile