Alyssa Takes Control

Recently, I was talking with a young daughter of a friend of mine, Alyssa. This very young lady confided in me that she did not have a good self-esteem. Alyssa has been “chubby” most of her nine years of life.  She also has had to wear thick glasses, since she was about two years of age. Alyssa explained that other kids tease her about her weight and her glasses. Alyssa told me that she is “very sensitive” and her feelings get hurt easily. She has heard some of Grandpa Steve’s Kids music and was curious about why I had written these types of songs that talked about “how somebody feels about themselves.”

When I (Grandpa Steve) was growing up I had some very similar doubts about myself that were reinforced by circumstances and people in my life.  There was no one in my life in my early years who would help me figure out how to feel differently about myself. It was not until later in my life (as a young adult) that I developed the awareness and insight to change how I felt about myself.  Alyssa wanted to know what she could do to feel more confident about herself.  Alyssa asked me, “Can your music really help me feel better about myself?”

Alyssa is a very smart girl, and this is what I told her in response to her question.  “When you get to a certain age, and this can be different for everybody, you realize that you may be in the habit of thinking in a certain way.  The messages about yourself, that you repeat and keep alive and strong with your own self-talk, will define you and how you think and feel about yourself.  These may be messages from your parents, friends, family members, teachers, the media, music or your own internal dialogue. When you repeat in your mind a positive or negative message about yourself, you are reinforcing and keeping that message strong.  We can make a choice, at any time, to replace a negative message with a more positive message.  With practice, this can help you feel more confident about yourself.  This is like choosing if a glass of water is half full vs. half empty. You have the power to choose whether the glass it half-full or half-empty, based on the messages you decide to hold onto in your mind.”

Part of growing up is to “own your life” and to choose the messages that you want to reinforce within yourself.  As we get older, we get to choose more of what we want for ourselves, what we will own or buy, what we will cherish and value, and what we will let go of and be replaced in our lives. So part of this process of “owning your life“ is to understand that you have more control over your life and your thinking than you realize.

As we continued to talk, I asked Alyssa to listen to the Grandpa Steve’s Kids songs and choose one that she likes. Alyssa selected the song, “Let Yourself Be Happy.” Alyssa felt that this song provided a lot of messages that made her feel good.  I asked her to listen to this song, until she knew it well.  I also asked Alyssa to repeat the messages from the song to herself throughout the day, especially when she found herself having feelings that did not help her feel good about herself.

The messages that you allow to resonate in your mind will impact your feelings about yourself and ultimately your life.

Find a Grandpa Steve’s Kids song that you like, and give it a try.

To listen to a sample of any of Grandpa Steve’s Kids songs, click here.