A Bedtime Message for Your Child

A large part of the GrandpaStevesKids concept focuses on positive messages for children. One of these positive messages is the Hopeful Lullaby song. This article will provide you with examples from this song and how you, too, can help your child end the day with positive messages.

Each night before going off into slumber land, my wife or I would play a recording of the Hopeful Lullaby song or just sing the song ourselves, a cappella, without the instrumentation. Our girls and grandkids seemed to enjoy the melody and the reassurance of the words.

The chorus of the song encourages a child to unwind from their day, “Oh, sleep my baby, the night approaches, your dreams will help to ease the strain.” This is followed by the affirmation, “Oh my sweet baby, there is no maybe, life can be yours and run by you.” As a parent, I want my child to be involved in their life and to be happy, thus the words, “We hope you live life, we hope you give life, go on and let your feelings flow.” In addition, I want children and parents to know that they have an opportunity with their life and time to create their own life that will bring joy to them by saying, “You’ve got your time now, to make it ring out, tomorrow brings some joy to you!”

The first verse of this song speaks to the idea that we first learn about life from our parents, “What we learn and how we live, depends so much on our folk’s stuff. What they sowed will take its toll, affect our lives in many ways.” This is followed by the fact that we as human beings need to be loved in-order to thrive. “Yes, we need love, have to feel love, if we want to glow!” Ending this verse with the fact that we are-able to grow from the “stuff” that our parents gave us into what we decide is best for our lives and our children’s lives. “The dye’s not cast, there’s time that’s left, to change, to mold and direct.” The second verse repeats the same ideas offered in the first verse but ends with a suggestion that we should keep growing and developing ourselves throughout our lives.

“With time that’s left, a daily quest, to search within for the rest!”